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LifeSmarts, the nation’s premier consumer education program, provides real-world education to students. Students learn about core consumer topics, develop critical thinking skills, flex their leadership, and hone teamwork skills. The goal of this free program offered by the National Consumers League is to create savvy young people who will be better equipped for adult life as workers, consumers, and citizens.

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LifeSmarts offers free online learning resources to help educators, students, and parents. Have 1 minute? 5 minutes? 15 minutes?
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#LifeSmarts Word and Question of the Day Answers: UVB - UV rays that can damage the DNA in skin cells, causing sunburns and most skin cancers. Answer - Scatters UVA and UVB rays; reflects UVA and UVB rays; absorbs UVA and UVB rays

#LifeSmarts Word and Question of the Day: Word - UVB; Question - Name one way zinc oxide works as a sunscreen ingredient:

#LifeSmarts Word and Question of the Day Answers: UVA -The UV rays that are most likely to reach the earth; these rays can reach deep into human skin and are linked to long-term skin damage such as wrinkles. Answer- UVA rays; UVA

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