Our volunteer State Coordinators are the backbone — and the heart! — of the LifeSmarts program. We are fortunate to work with great people across the country representing a variety of organizations and agencies. Thanks for all you do! Coordinators oversee the statewide program: marketing and promoting LifeSmarts, serving as the local contact for coaches, and planning and conducting the annual in-person state LifeSmarts competition. Many of our wonderful state coordinators have been volunteering for LifeSmarts for over 20 years!


Why our coordinators
love LifeSmarts:

“I support LifeSmarts because it is a fun, creative way to educate the youth on consumer issues and personal finance.”-Kyla Capers, South Carolina Department of Consumer Affairs

“I enjoy the whole process from recruiting schools and students, the classroom demonstrations and of course the state and national competition!”-Will Rance, Washington State Employees Credit Union

Our goal: a coordinator in all 50 states (and beyond!)

Are you involved with consumer education or youth leadership? Consider becoming a LifeSmarts State Coordinator! LifeSmarts is an excellent way for organizations to demonstrate their commitment to consumer and financial literacy. LifeSmarts teaches middle- and high-school youth the skills they need to be consumer savvy in today’s marketplace. Visit the LifeSmarts Team page to learn more about our coordinators!

Word of the Day

#LifeSmarts Word and Question of the Day: Word - UVB; Question - Name one way zinc oxide works as a sunscreen ingredient:

#LifeSmarts Word and Question of the Day Answers: UVA -The UV rays that are most likely to reach the earth; these rays can reach deep into human skin and are linked to long-term skin damage such as wrinkles. Answer- UVA rays; UVA

#LifeSmarts Word and Question of the Day: Word - UVA; Question -Sunscreen containing zinc oxide screens out these rays, which are associated with skin cancer and aging skin:

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Current State Coordinator Openings

Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Iowa, Maine, Michigan, Montana, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Tennessee, Utah, Vermont, and Wyoming. Also, Military and  U.S. Territories need leaders for LifeSmarts!

Want to learn more about becoming a LifeSmarts State Coordinator? Contact us for details.

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