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Registering and Competing

  • Download the LifeSmarts Coach’s Guide
  • Coach Dashboard Instructions – Using the coach dashboard
  • LifeSmarts Mastery Rule:  Student competitors who are members of a team that wins the National LifeSmarts Championship are ineligible to compete again in Varsity LifeSmarts on the state or national level. These outstanding students will be encouraged to stay involved in LifeSmarts as mentors, student coaches for their school or organization, members of LEAP (the LifeSmarts Engagement Advisory Panel), student assistants at the National LifeSmarts Championship, and active LifeSmarts alumni. LifeSmarts made this change, effective with the 2018-2019 program year, to encourage more teams and students to compete.
  • Click here to learn more about registering and competing
  • LifeSmarts Registration
  • Download the  LifeSmarts Monthly Checklist Calendar – a suggested checklist for coaches
  • Promotional Materials – Reach out to your State LifeSmarts Coordinator, see the links below and visit the Resources page, student recruitment tab. Let us know if you need other promotional resources.
  • Click here to learn more about opportunities for FBLA chapters
  • Click here to learn more about opportunities for FCCLA chapters
  • Click here to learn more about opportunities for 4-H clubs and county programs
  • Click here to learn more about opportunities for BPA chapters
  • Click here to learn more about opportunities for SkillsUSA chapters
  • Register online and create teams
  • Have students register online, then choose one student per team as the team’s captain
  • Have teams compete online before your state’s online closing date
  • Compete at your state competition
  • And just maybe… pack your bags for Nationals!

Recognize your LifeSmarts graduating Seniors and all your LifeSmarts students! 

Resources for Recruitment, Classrooms and Team Practices

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