LifeSmarts Alumni

LifeSmarts Alumni

You’ve made your mark as a competitor, now you have the opportunity to stay connected and give back to the program through the LifeSmarts Alumni Association.

How Can I Stay Connected?

Keep in touch

Spread the word

  • Recruit others, mentor, or serve as a Coach
  • Share your LifeSmarts story on social media, in blog posts, or by speaking at Nationals


  • Volunteer as an official for a state or national competition
  • Write competition questions to help keep the program fresh and relevant

Give back

  • Intern with the program
  • Jump in and become a State Coordinator
  • Donate! Any amount helps the next generation of LifeSmarts students
  • Share your talents on the LifeSmarts Alumni Advisory Board

Meet the LifeSmarts Alumni Advisory Board

The LifeSmarts Advisory Board is comprised of LifeSmarts alumni, corporate sponsors, educators, and community activists who support the broad consumer education mission of the LifeSmarts program. Board members provide program guidance and financial, in-kind, and volunteer support.

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