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For more information about the upcoming National LifeSmarts Championship, click here. For results of previous Nationals, visit the archives.DSC_9132
  • State Champion teams will be invited to represent their state at the National LifeSmarts Championship by their State Coordinator or by the National Consumers League.
  • Coaches must submit the National Championship Registration form, which is included in the State Champion Memo they will receive after winning the state competition, to the National Consumers League within 7 days of the state competition. The National Championship Registration form must be approved and signed by the official representative of the team’s school or organization in order for the team to be eligible to participate at the National LifeSmarts Championship.
  • National competitions take place from a Saturday afternoon through lunch Tuesday. All team members and a minimum of one adult coach must be present when competition begins. Teams unable to attend any or all portions of the National LifeSmarts Championships will be ineligible to represent their state at the event, and the Second Place (Runner Up) team will be invited by the National Consumers League or the State Coordinator to represent the state instead.
  • Coaches must notify the National Consumers League immediately if their State Champion team will be unable to attend any or all portions of the National LifeSmarts Championship so that the Runner-Up team can be invited in their place.

Teams Compete Eight Times

  • Each team has an equal opportunity to advance to the single-elimination knockout bracket. All teams will compete seven times and team scores will be cumulative through mid-morning Monday.
  • Preliminary Competition Rounds include:
    • Competition 1: Online Activity (TeamSmarts or YouTube Video Challenge)
    • Competition 2: Sister Team Activity
    • Competition 3: Individual Assessments
    • Competition 4: Speed Smarts
    • Competitions 5-7: Buzzer matches
  • After all teams complete the seven competitions, scores are tallied and the top 16 teams advance to a single-elimination knockout bracket. Teams play off until 4 teams remain as National Semifinalists, who play on Tuesday morning to reach the National Championship Match.
  • Teams that do not qualify for the  knockout bracket compete in a separate event during the Round of 16 and quarterfinal matches. Top-scoring individuals in this event earn recognition and prizes during the awards ceremony.
  • For more information review the National LifeSmarts Championship fact sheet or slideshow for details.