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Wild Card Teams

Wild Card Teams

Wild Card Qualifications

LifeSmarts is adding five Wild Cards to create additional spots for new teams to enjoy the camaraderie and high level of competition at the National LifeSmarts Championship!

Teams may apply for a wild card spot by completing a four-step process:

  1. Quizzes:
    • Each team member must take the individual Wild Card quiz. Teams that receive at least an 80% or higher on one individual quiz will receive up to two bonus points towards the team’s overall score on the Wild Card application.  Working together, teams will take a special Wild Card TeamSmarts quiz, available in the captain’s portal. Both quizzes cover all five LifeSmarts category topics.
  2. Individual and Team Project Proposal:
    • Teams will choose a LifeSmarts category and design a PowerPoint/Prezi presentation on an important or life-changing topic.  The project must include cited resources and give examples supporting why the chosen topic is relevant for teens. Each team member will write a paragraph statement about why their team should be considered for a Wild Card bid.
  3. Coach’s impact statement:
    • Coaches will submit a paragraph statement detailing LifeSmarts’ impact in the classroom or community. The statement should also include examples of why their team should be chosen.
  4. Submit the online application that includes the PowerPoint presentation and proposal statements.If using Prezi or Google Slides, include the URL to your presentation in the space provided on the application.


  • Varsity teams may submit their wild card application and all required materials by Friday, February 22.

Teams receiving a Wild Card spot from the National Consumers League will be notified. Teams will receive a travel stipend to put toward their team’s travel expenses to attend the National LifeSmarts Championship. 4-H applicants who were not chosen in the first round (applications due 1/31) may be considered for a Varsity spot. 

Additional Requirements

At least one wild card spot will be awarded to a team from FBLA, a team from FCCLA, and a team from 4-H.  Teams may still compete for a state championship title while applying for a wild card spot. The same school or organization cannot have both a state winner and wild card applicant; the organization must decide which team to send to Nationals. 

Questions about the wild card process? Contact us for assistance.


Can we apply for a Wild Card spot?

  • New teams that have never competed at the National level.
  • Teams in FBLA, FCCLA, and 4-H (one wild card spot will be reserved for teams competing in these programs).
  • Second place teams that do not win their state competition.

Teams that may not apply:

  • Teams that competed as a wild card last year at Nationals.
  • Any student who competed on a team at Nationals last year. Students must win their state competition with their team in order to return to Nationals.


Applications will be evaluated using this rubric. The maximum score is 100 points, with the opportunity to earn two (2) bonus points:

Presentation (80 points possible)

  • Team presentation and individual impact statements (45 points)
    • PowerPoint should be 8-12 slides in length with relevant examples why the LifeSmarts topic is important or life-changing. Presentations will be judged for spelling/grammar and should include a reference slide.
    • Each member must write a one paragraph individual Impact about why their team should be consider for a Wild Card spot.
  • Completed Individual and TeamSmarts Quizzes (25 points; 2 bonus points awarded for at least one individual quiz score 80% or higher)
  • Coach’s statement (10 points; At least one paragraph in length)

School/Organization Participation (20 points possible)

  • Previous participation online or state competitions (2 points per year active, up to 5 points)
  • Previous participation at Nationals (add 5 points for every consecutive year missed, up to 10 points)
  • School/organization enrollment demographics (5 points)