SpeedSmarts is a series of ten activities which teams complete in a round-robin fashion. Teams move from one activity to the next every 5-6 minutes. A full round of SpeedSmarts includes five different types of activities; each format is played twice. An expert at each table guides teams, gives directions, and scores the activity within the allotted time. Sister Team coaches accompany the team through the rotation.

SpeedSmarts is a competition format used at the National LifeSmarts Championship, but can be modified to work in other settings (including state LifeSmarts competitions).

During SpeedSmarts teams:

  • Demonstrate teamwork and critical thinking skills
  • Showcase knowledge across all LifeSmarts topics
  • Learn from experts while interacting in a fun and educational way

Please note that the samples below were used in 2022 and new types of activities are created every year.

Speed Dating Activities (retired from Nationals 2022)

Spin for Who’s In: Players take turns spinning a wheel to see who will answer the next question

Just Say It: The captain is given a list of terms and must get his or her teammates to say the term (without using the term), similar to the game Password

Fact or Fiction: Teams work together to answer “Fact” or “Fiction” to a series of questions, with the Captain providing the final answers

Acronym Slam: The team works together to identify 12 acronyms, with the Captain providing the final answers