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LifeSmarts teaches personal finance, technology & workforce preparation, health & safety, consumer education and more through fun activities and competitions.

How can BPA students particpate in LifeSmarts? 

2023-2024 BPA Adviser Starter Guide

Coach Dashboard Instructions

Enter the NEW LifeSmarts BPA Technology & Workforce Preparation Challenge and the LifeSmarts BPA Personal Finance Challenge!  

To enter the LifeSmarts BPA Technology & Workforce Preparation Challenge and/or the LifeSmarts BPA Personal Finance Challenge, Advisers (Coaches) should follow this process and establish a BPA team or teams.

Note: If you had a team or teams compete in the 2023 LifeSmarts BPA Personal Finance Challenge, and some of the same teams want to compete, you can simply have them login again. You can make any adjustments needed. Instructions are here.  Each team must have one student selected as the team captain.

For new teams:  Teams of two students (grades 7 & 8 or grades 9-12) register and join the team. The coach designates one of the two students as the team captain. The captain will see the BPA Technology & Workforce Preparation Quiz during the month of January and the BPA Personal Finance test during the month of  February under their “quizzes” tab once they log in. The team of two works together to take each quiz by the deadline!

Technology & Workforce Preparation Challenge dates – January 1 – 31, 2024 at midnight EST
Personal Finance Challenge dates – February 1 – 29, 2024 at midnight EST

BPA teams can earn $100 in the monthly TeamSmarts competitions!  Learn how here! 


We also invite BPA students and teams to participate in state and national LifeSmarts competitions. Click here to review the registration process for online competition.

Apply for a Wild Card funding award to compete in the National LifeSmarts Championship!

Learn more about the state and national Varsity LifeSmarts competitions!

We look forward to having your team involved in LifeSmarts!

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