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 Wrap Up Page – Press Release, Link to Photos, Final Placings

 Rewatch the Semi-finals and Finals

  2024 National LifeSmarts Championship Certificate  for Team Members


Archived Information for 2024

The National Consumers League LifeSmarts Program is excited to have your team competing in the 30th National LifeSmarts Championship!
This page will provide updates for teams. Check back often for updates.

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LifeSmarts GIPHY

Click here for the State Champion Coach Memo

UPDATED Agenda NEW 3.28.24

Click here for UPDATED competition rules for the 2024 LifeSmarts National Championship 4.3.24

Hotel information sheet

School Excuse Letter Template

Pre-event press release for your use!

Fundraising Letter TemplateNOTE:  We will share ideas in our weekly National Championship e-news that begins on February 20th. 

San Diego Tourism 30th National LifeSmarts Championship microsite

San Diego hype video

Coach of the Year Nomination

 Student of the Year Nomination

San Diego Celebration Central

This Weekly National LifeSmarts Championship newsletter filled with highlights and reminders begins publication eight weeks prior to National LifeSmarts Championship.

Leaks of the Week

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Announcing the 2024 Team T-Shirt Contest

Announcing the 2024 Pin Design Contest

Design a pin for LifeSmarts 2025!

Announcing the 2024 Meme Contest

Share the meme contest with your team members.

How to participate:

  • Follow @LifeSmarts_org on Instagram and make a Meme about how much you love LifeSmarts.
  • DM your submission to @LifeSmarts_org and tag your entry on your socials with #LifeSmarts2024.  (if you have trouble notify the LifeSmarts staff onsite)
  • Submissions will be posted on @LifeSmarts_org and the meme with the most likes by the awards luncheon will receive a prize for the meme-maker(s)!
  • LifeSmarts official logos

Instagram Contest:

Share the Instagram Contest with your team members.

How to participate:

  • Follow @LifeSmarts_org and include #lifesmarts2023 and #lifesmartsnationals in every post.
  • Share pictures with us of your LifeSmarts in action.
  • Show us funny stories about studying, traveling to Nationals, just hanging out with your team and of course, your best selfies!
  • Posts from April 17 at 5:00 pm PDT – April 20 at midnight PDT will be considered.
  • Winners will receive prizes and will be announced at the awards luncheon.
  • LifeSmarts official logos

Transporation Links: See Coach Memo


LifeSmarts Spirit of Team Sportsmanship Award

Examples of Team Roll Call Video – Due March 29th
Example 1; Example 2; Example 3;

Important Guidelines for your Roll Call Video:

  • Wait 1 second before and after speaking at the beginning and end of the video to allow for the cross fade. The program we use adds background music, so be certain to speak loudly and clearly.
  • Do not film this outdoors as the sound does not translate well when played in a ballroom setting.
  • Film your roll call in an indoor space that is quiet from both internal and external noise.
  • If using a cell phone, be certain to film the video horizontally!
  • Don’t add or use any background music of your own.
  • Be sure to make your roll call video it fun/unique/creative to your team!

Additional Team Information

Contact us if you need assistance. 



Arhives for after the National LifeSmarts Championship

Wrap Up Page – Press Release, Link to Photos, Final Placings

Rewatch the Semi-finals and Finals

 National LifeSmarts Championship Certificate for Team Members


2024 National LifeSmarts Championship Team Registration and Competition Agreement  – Due March 15, 2024

2024 State Confirmation Form and Reservation NumbersDue TWO WEEKS after notification of LifeSmarts National Championship invitation