TeamSmarts, the LifeSmarts Web-based team competition, is a great practice tool for a team of students to use together. Each month from September through February, teams are asked 100 multiple-choice questions. Prizes are awarded each month to the top-scoring Junior Varsity, Varsity, BPA, 4-H, FBLA, FCCLA, and SkillsUSA teams (one prize per year, per school or individual club/organization).

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Download the TeamSmarts flyer

Monthly Topics:

  • September – Health & Safety
  • October – Personal Finance
  • November – Consumer Rights & Responsibilities
  • December – Technology & Workforce Preparation
  • January – Environment
  • February – Capstone (all five topics)

TeamSmarts quizzes allow teams to compete for:

  • Prizes in the monthly TeamSmarts Challenge from September through February. Every month, the first place Junior Varsity, Varsity, BPA, FBLA, FCCLA, 4-H,  and SkillsUSA teams each receive a $100 award for their team!

TeamSmarts quizzes can help teams prepare for:

  • Their state’s Varsity LifeSmarts Championship
  • Competitions in LifeSmarts partner organizations
  • Applying for a Wild Card Bid to compete in the National LifeSmarts Championship

Each correct question is worth one point. Teams pace themselves when quizzing. Teams will earn full credit when completing the quiz in the time allowed (40 seconds are allowed per question, and time is computed on the overall quiz). Teams will gain partial credit for the quiz if they take longer than 40 seconds per question.

Every student who registers has access to the Practice quizzes under their “Quizzes” tab. All other applicable TeamSmarts quizzes are assigned to the team’s captain under their “Quizzes” tab.