Welcome 4-H Leaders and Members!

LifeSmarts is proud to serve as a National 4-H partner. LifeSmarts has always had a strong connection with 4-H and several 4-H teams have won the National LifeSmarts Championship over our 30 year history. LifeSmarts provides 4-H educators and 4-H members with extensive resources, challenging competitions, impactful community service projects, and opportunities for achievement, awards, travel and scholarships. Use LifeSmarts to compliment and strengthen your existing 4-H programs and projects, to explore new opportunities and most of all… to have FUN!

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4-H Coach Starter Guide

Coach Dashboard Instructions

  • Click here to review the registration process for online competition
  • Click here to review information on how 4-H and LifeSmarts go hand-in-hand!
  • Click here to review the 4-H version of the LifeSmarts Educational Pedagogy

Compete at the State Level

Students in grades 9-12 may compete in the Varsity LifeSmarts program. Teams of 4-5 students start by competing online, then through their state LifeSmarts program. In some states, you may be invited to participate in an in-person state competition. If your team wins at the state level you will be invited to represent the state at the National LifeSmarts Championship. Check out your state’s page for dates and to contact your state coordinator for details about how to get involved with your state’s competition.

Students in grades 6-8 may compete in the Junior Varsity program. Teams compete online, and in some states are invited to a state JV competition. There is no national championship for JV teams.

Monthly TeamSmarts Awards

From September through January your team may compete against other 4-H teams in the monthly TeamSmarts quiz. Each month the top-scoring 4-H team will receive a $100 cash prize. Click here to learn more about TeamSmarts.

  • Teams are eligible to win one (1) TeamSmarts Award per program year.
  • To compete for the monthly prize as a 4-H team, coaches must indicate that the team is affiliated with 4-H when they register the team. Additional prizes are available for FBLA, FCCLA, Varsity, Junior Varsity, BPA and SkillsUSA teams.

Apply for a Wild Card Opportunity to compete in the National LifeSmarts Championship! 

The selected teams will receive travel stipends to attend and compete in the National LifeSmarts Championship in April.