Welcome FCCLA Students and Advisers!

LifeSmarts has always had a strong connection with FCCLA (Family, Career and Community Leaders of America), and teams affiliated with FCCLA have the opportunity to compete both in LifeSmarts and in the FCCLA/LifeSmarts Knowledge Bowl.

  • Click here or directions to register for LifeSmarts.
  • Click here for the FCCLA coach’s quick reference guide.

Important: To take the FCCLA Fall Quiz to qualify to advance to Birmingham, the team captain logs in at LifeSmarts.org, then clicks on their Quizzes tab and selects the FCCLA Fall Online Test 2023.  If the captain does not see the test at first, click on the orange VIEW ALL button on the right on that page, scroll down on the page and if the quiz is still not visable, choose the blue LOAD MORE button. 

Learn more about the FCCLA/LifeSmarts Knowledge Bowl

Learn more about  state and national Varsity LifeSmarts competitions including the Monthly FCCLA TeamSmarts Challenge.

  • We invite FCCLA chapters to participate in state and national LifeSmarts championships.
  • Teams may compete in both their state’s Varsity LifeSmarts competition and in the FCCLA/LifeSmarts Knowledge Bowl.
  • Four- or five-person teams compete online with the chance to advance to their state in-person or online competition and
    the National LifeSmarts Championship in April
  • Teams must complete the online qualification quizzes before their state’s online closing date
  • FCCLA teams may also apply for a wild card bid to represent their chapter, school and the FCCLA organization and compete at the National LifeSmarts Championship
    • To apply for and receive a Wild Card bid or a Norton Wild Card Bid to the National LifeSmarts Championship, FCCLA chapters must complete the application and requirements.

LifeSmarts FCCLA TeamSmarts Challenge Awards
FCCLA chapters can win monthly TeamSmarts Challenge awards! Register your team at LifeSmarts.org; the top-scoring team FCCLA team will receive a $100 cash prize! The TeamSmarts quizzes are open each month from September – February. Learn more about TeamSmarts here. (Teams may win one TeamSmarts award per year.)
Please contact us with any additional questions.

Best of luck in the competition this year!