LifeSmarts Spirit of Sportsmanship Team Award

LifeSmarts Spirit of Sportsmanship Team Award

Congratulations to our 2023 winner: Colorado!

This award will recognize a LifeSmarts team that embodies the spirit of LifeSmarts through sportsmanship.  Students and coaches may nominate a team other than their own which best exemplifies the attributes of good character, integrity and sportsmanship through demonstrations of respect to officials and opposing teams, even in the face of adverse outcomes. The winning team will be recognized during the Awards Ceremony at the 30th National LifeSmarts Championship, April 21st, 2024.

A  team honored with this award must have demonstrated superior sportsmanlike behavior and characteristics. Examples of good sportsmanlike behavior include but are not limited to:

The team possesses a positive attitude, good character and integrity throughout all competitions and events
The team serves as a good role model for their peer teams and the entire LifeSmarts community
The team demonstrates cooperation and respect in dealing with conmpetition officials, coaches, other competitors and teams
The team is encouraging of all competitors
The team has good sportsmanship, win or lose
The team encourages everyone to have fun while learning and doing their best
The team must be competing in the 2024 National LifeSmarts Championship

The winning team will receive a $100 gift card. All nominated teams will be  judged by LifeSmarts staff.

Students and coaches will access the nomination form and ballot through the National LifeSmarts Championship App and will submit their nominations by noon on Saturday, April 20th, 2024.