Submit an OTC Individual Medicine Safety Scholarship or an OTC Team Travel Stipend Application

Win a $1,000 post-secondary scholarship or a $500 Team Travel Stipend for your team 

We are still accepting  Scholarship applications– DEADLINE EXTENDED! 
Five individual $1,000 scholarships will be awarded!
Thirty $500 travel stipends are available!

For the Team Stipend – Follow the instructions on page 12 of the State Champion Coach memo.  Coach applies on behalf of the team or designates a team member to apply on behalf of the team using the form here. 

IMPORTANT:  This form providing more information should also be completed for each presentation

Using LifeSmarts OTC resources, your team delivers community-based OTC medicine safety presentations to peers, middle school students, or community members.
When: Final Due date: April 20, 2023 or when all stipend money has been awarded to teams (as of today 4/17, all money is spoken for)
Travel stipends: 30 $500 stipends; teams may request multiple stipends (3) by submitting multiple presentations. 
Sponsor: Johnson & Johnson Consumer Healthcare

NEW DEADLINE for scholarships: Applications are due by midnight Eastern time April  20, 2023.
For the Individual Student Scholarship: An individual student creates an individual project or serves as the main leader for a project that follows these guidelines. (NOTE: This should not be the team TikTok or any required team competition, but an additional project, presentations, etc.).  Applicants should complete the scholarship application below; 

After reviewing the LifeSmarts U Lessons on Drug Facts Label and Medicine 101 and the Scholastic Over the Counter Medicine Safety Program design a social media message, presentation, or an educational product that will communicate the importance of OTC safety to others. The focus should be one or more of the following topics: safe use, storage, and disposal of medicines, and understanding the Drug Facts label. Your project can review general safety information or have a detailed focus on one aspect.

  • Use social media platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat or TikTok to broadcast the importance of OTC medicine safety to peers.
  • Mentor younger students with in-person or virtual presentations.
  • Design visual displays including posters, infographics, trivia cards, table tents, games, and newsletters for a broad community audience. The type of educational material you create will depend on your audience and where it will be used or displayed.
  • Implement and evaluate your project as much as possible prior to the scholarship deadline and/or list what you might do differently next time and other audiences you plan to share the presentation with in the future.
Project background:
LifeSmarts partners with Johnson & Johnson to educate consumers about the safe use of over-the-counter medicines. Winning entries may be published on the National Consumers League web site, the LifeSmarts site, and shared with Johnson & Johnson, the scholarship sponsor. NEW DEADLINE: Applications are due by midnight Eastern time April  20, 2023.