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Resources by Type (top level)

Resources by Type

LifeSmarts offers many classroom and team-based resources to help students master consumer content and prepare for competition.

Question of the Day Calendars

Calendars–Introduce concepts, launch discussion, and compete

Content Vocabulary

Content Vocabulary–Study guides to help focus instructions

Coach's Guide

Coach’s Guide–Great starting point for coaches

ConsumerMan Videocasts and Lessons

Videos and Lessons–Features a hot consumer topic each month

LifeSmarts U Lessons

LifeSmarts U–Self-study components, lessons, activities, and slide shows

LifeSmarts U Learning Activities

Learning Activities–Lessons and worksheets for instructors

PowerPoint Presentations

PowerPoints–Classroom tools to highlight current consumer topics

Retired Competition Questions

Practice Questions–Practice with recently retired questions

Tell Me the Question

Jeopardy-style Games–Games for classroom or competition prep

Speed Smarts

Speed Smarts ActivitiesFun team learning activities featured at Nationals

Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt–Use the GSA Consumer Action Handbook and other activities

Weekly Content Vocabulary Game

Content Vocabulary Game–Test your LifeSmarts knowledge using this drag and drop game
Swat the Words–Example template of vocabulary for the “Swat the Word” game

YouTube video playlists

LifeSmarts general playlist–Includes overview videos, example competition rounds, and videocasts from ConsumerMan Herb Weisbaum

NEW: 25th Anniversary LifeSmarts Video–Showcase the program for prospective coaches and students
2016 Video Challenge–Videos created by teams competing at the 2016 National LifeSmarts Championship
2015 Video Challenge–Videos created by teams competing at the 2015 National LifeSmarts Championship

Community Service Mentoring Project

LifeSmarts participants have an exciting community service opportunity: to become over-the-counter (OTC) medicine safety mentors. The project promotes safe medicine storage, safe use of OTC medicine, and understanding the Drug Facts label. High school students demonstrate leadership by teaching 5th and 6th graders about medicine safety. The lesson is easy to adapt to classroom, club, and community settings.

OTC Medicine Safety Project Overview

OTC Medicine Safety for the High School Classroom

OTC Medicine Safety for the Middle School Classroom (including the mentoring lessons)

OTC Medicine Safety for the Community

Player Recruitment

Promotional Flyer–1-page PDF encouraging students to sign up

External Links

Personal Finance links–Websites and reading materials
Technology links–Websites and reading materials
Consumer Rights links–Websites and reading materials

Health & Safety links–Websites and reading materials
Environment links–Websites and reading materials