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LifeSmarts engages middle and high school students in real-world learning and prepares them for adulthood. LifeSmarts is free and provides innovative education focusing on personal finances, consumer rights, technology, the environment, and health and safety. 

The lessons learned in LifeSmarts go beyond the classroom. Students bring knowledge home and share lessons learned with their family and community. Alumni share stories of avoiding fraud and identity theft, teaching their parents debt management, and making career choices thanks to their involvement in the program. LifeSmarts provides the education teens need to change their lives and improve their circumstances. 

This April, LifeSmarts is hosting the 30th National LifeSmarts Championship in San Diego, CA. LifeSmarts provides teams with travel stipends to reward their achievements and ensure that they can join us at the National LifeSmarts Championship.As a part of our LifeSmarts family, please consider donating to help LifeSmarts provide travel stipends that ensure teams can attend the 30th National LifeSmarts Travel without undue financial burden.

Please consider donating $30 in honor of 30 Years of LifeSmarts!