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Consumer Rights: Learn More

These external resources were used to write current consumer rights questions for this program year. These resources correspond with the "word of the day" feature and weekly vocabulary quiz. These links are provided as a convenience and are not an endorsement by LifeSmarts.

Social programs and legal rights
    Head Start-- Dept. of Health and Human Services: About Head Start
Consumer rights in healthcare
College terminology
Civics and international economics
    Embassy-- Dept. of State: What is a U.S. embassy?
Marketing & Advertising
    Bait & Switch-- Scambusters.org: Common Bait and Switch Tricks and How to Avoid Them
    Generic-- Wonderopolis: What Makes a Product Generic?
Marketplace economics
    GDP-- IMF: Gross Domestic Product
    Lien-- NOLO: What is Property Lien?
Consumer Protection