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    LifeSmarts Advisory Board

    The LifeSmarts Advisory Board is comprised of LifeSmarts alumni, corporate sponsors, educators, and community activists who support the broad consumer education mission of the LifeSmarts program. Board members provide program guidance and financial, in-kind, and volunteer support.

    Current members
    Rod Griffin, Experian, Chair
    Brad Anderson, IBM
    Johnnie Giles, Comcast
    Susan Mason, Intuit
    Christian Merida, American Express Company
    Hugh Norton, Visa
    Will Rance, WSECU
    Francine Savage, McNeil Consumer Healthcare
    John Skoglund, Western Union
    Ginger Sommer, Underwriters Laboratories
    Nancy Tippett, retired
    Frank Torres, Microsoft
    William Wilcox, CBM Credit Education Foundation