Use of Logos

Downloadable versions of the logos and icons are available here.

Use of License, Logo and Materials

The local sponsoring organizations may use the LifeSmarts program to reach and teach consumers in their areas. It is the responsibility of the local coordinator to ensure that all rules and guidelines are followed. The National Consumers League is the sole owner of LifeSmarts. NCL owns the name, logo, content, format, and all materials provided by the LifeSmarts program. The name of LifeSmarts and its logo can only be used for the educational purpose of the program. It cannot be sold or used in any way that may negatively impact the program.  The logo, name, materials, or program rules may not be changed or altered in any way without the expressed written approval of NCL. NCL will license the use of the LifeSmarts name, logo, materials, format, design, etc. to affiliated NCL non-profit/government organizations who agree to maintain the integrity of the program and follow all program rules, procedures, and guidelines. A signed licensing agreement is required to run the program.

Official Logo Colors

The official colors for the LifeSmarts logo are:
Personal Finance: #2f4a26 – dark green
Technology: #4465ab – blue
Consumer Rights: #575656 – black
Environment: #a2b05a – lime green
Health and Safety: #e36414  – orange
Dark Teal: #247D87 – Banner behind Logo (Current Site) 
Teal: #44a3aa – background of Menu Bar (Current Site) 
Hover for Teal: #34CFC6 – Buttons
Silver:  #B2B3B6 

When color is not possible, the logo should be printed in black.