Oocnto High School wins the 2022 State competition!! Congratulations to Coach Alana Eder and her team.
(l-r): Cole Pierucki, Marcus Perrizo, Ellie Finger, Grace Holmgren, Ava Kubichek

Hi Wisconsinites,
We look forward to having you participate in the many activities offered by LifeSmarts. TeamSmarts begins on September 13 with the competition quizzes going live on September 13.
Educators: Please give your students the opportunity to enhance their consumer knowledge that they can use now and in the future.
Students: Take a practice quiz and see if you’re ready for the ultimate consumer challenge. Talk with your friends and form a team. Each team needs an adult sponsor or coach.
Schools may enter more than one coach, coaches may enter more than one team, but only one team from a school may qualify for the state competition.
Scores will be tabulated and the highest scoring teams will be invited to the State Competition, which will be held in-person on Friday, February 24, 2023, the snow date will be Friday, March 3, 2023. All qualifying teams will be given detailed instructions on what to do.
First place team winners each receive a $1,000 scholarship with the coach also receiving $1,000. Second place team members will each receive a $500 scholarship with the coach receiving $500.
The first place team is then eligible to proceed to the national competition. This year’s national competition will be in Cincinnati, Ohio. All travel expenses, lodging, and meals are covered by CBM Foundation.
If you have any questions/comments or just want to discuss some ideas, feel free to contact Tammie or Kay.
Wisconsin State Coordinator
Tammie McCarthy
Phone (920) 834-2226
Kay Johnson
Phone (920) 609-4458

Thanks to our state sponsors:
Competition Dates
Contact Your Coordinator
  • Tammie McCarthy and Kay Johnson
  • CBM Credit Education Foundation
  • Send Mail     Phone:1-920-834-2226