Sample email to send when coaches register

Suggested email title: Welcome to [STATE] LifeSmarts!

Dear LifeSmarts Coach,

Thank you for registering for [STATE] LifeSmarts! We hope you’ll join us for another year of consumer literacy and competition at

My name is and I serve as your LifeSmarts State Coordinator. Expect to receive a few updates from me throughout the school year about various things, including upcoming competition deadlines, new LifeSmarts projects and resources, and other useful information.
You may have noticed that the online competition started on [DATE]. The online qualifying competition will remain open through [DATE]. Since students’ competition scores are final, we encourage your students to spend the fall practicing and take the actual Qualifying Category Quizzes as close to the closing date as possible.

In order for a team to qualify, at least four players must complete all seven online competition quizzes: the pre-test, the five Category Quizzes (Environment, Personal Finance, Health & Safety, Consumer Rights & Responsibilities, and Technology & Workforce Preparation), and the Capstone which appears once all 5 Category Quizzes are complete. Once four players on the same team have finished all 7 quizzes, the team is eligible for to advance to the state (in-person or online) competition. If more than four players are on a team, only the top four players’ scores will be used to determine the team’s final score. You may have up to five students per team.

Coaches may create as many teams as they like, though only [one] team per school may compete in the state competition. (THIS IS UP TO EACH STATE TO DECIDE unless otherwise notified by the LifeSmarts program staff) [If your school has more than one team qualify for the in-person or online state competition, the coach can choose the 4 or 5 eligible students from any of his/her teams to form the final roster.]

For online State Championships; After the online qualifying session closes in (month), eligible teams will compete in a special Online State Championship using the TeamSmarts format. The team with the highest score will receive an invitation to the National LifeSmarts Championship to be held in (City, State, Date).

I am looking forward to working with you as State Coordinator. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have about the competition. Thanks again for your interest in LifeSmarts, and best of luck!