National LifeSmarts Championship 2023 Volunteer Registration

We’re so glad you’re volunteering to support fantastic students and educators!

The LifeSmarts program depends on the support of sponsors and volunteers from around the country–and what better way to celebrate consumer-savvy youth than by joining us for the 2023 National LifeSmarts Championship! We’re so glad you are making time to volunteer as a competition official. Thank you for sharing your expertise.

Information will be sent to each volunteer by email on April 1.  Please reserve the dates on your calendar that you volunteer for.  Volunteer training will be held via Zoom prior to the National LifeSmarts Championship with an on-site check-in and orientation. The date and time of the Zoom training will be shared with you in the April 1 correspondence.

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Questions? Contact the LifeSmarts team for assistance!

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