Students will identify specific telecommunications technologies, services, and devices that can enhance, for people with disabilities, the capacity to learn and participate in the world. Students will also identify the government’s role in telecommunications for disabled persons. Go to Lesson >


Students will explore the variety of broadband technologies available to consumers. They will also apply vocabulary and concepts of technology, broadband, and connectivity. Go to Lesson >


Students will perceive the consequences of ethical and unethical cyber-behaviors. They will also discuss the effect of cyber-ethics on personal and workplace interactions. Go to Lesson >

Digital Imaging

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Students will gain awareness of the social implications of e-communications. They will also discuss strategies to protect themselves and their reputations in the Web 2.0 environment. Go to Lesson >


Students will learn about email and netiquette. They will also learn strategies to reduce the amount of spam received and where to report illegal scams. Go to Lesson >

Evaluating Information

Students will choose Internet search tools that are appropriate for specific search and research needs. They will improve the validity and reliability of Internet search and research by understanding and using appropriate search tools. Go to Lesson >

Internet Censorship

Students will be better able to identify the types of Internet censorship by examining Internet censorship as a worldwide human rights issue and discussing the importance of Internet freedom. Go to Lesson >

Privacy & Security

Students will be better able to predict the impact of careless Internet use on the privacy and security of their personal information online. They will also be able to develop a plan and use the appropriate tools for protecting their personal information and security online. Go to Lesson >

Purchasing Telephone Service

Students understand how to evaluate and cite information from online information resources that describe the many options in purchasing telephone services. Go to Lesson >

Telephone Technology

Students will understand the basic history of the development of telephone technology, and the underlying technologies for telecommunications. Go to Lesson >