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Junior Varsity


LifeSmarts for grades 6 through 8

LifeSmarts is an exciting opportunity to compete, learn, and be rewarded for your success. Our Junior Varsity program is specifically designed to help middle school students prepare to enter the real world, armed with the knowledge and consumer know-how they’ll need to succeed as an adult.

Compete in the State Tournament

Students begin online where they use LifeSmarts resources, practice competitions, and, when they’re ready, compete for a final score. Most states do not host an in-person event, the team with the highest score in the state is declared state champions. Visit your state page for details about competing at state.

Click here to review the registration process for online competition.

If your state hosts an in-person JV competition:

  • Four- or five-person teams compete online with the chance to advance to the JV state championship
  • The state coordinator will notify coaches whose JV teams have qualified for the in-person competition
  • Teams must complete the online qualification quizzes before their state’s online closing date

If your state does not host an in-person JV competition:

  • The team with the highest online score is declared the winner.

Monthly TeamSmarts Awards

From September through February your team may compete against other Junior Varsity teams in the monthly TeamSmarts quiz. Each month the top-scoring Junior Varsity team will receive a $100 cash prize. Click here to learn more about TeamSmarts.

  • Teams are eligible to win one (1) TeamSmarts Award per program year.
  • To compete for the monthly prize, coaches must select “Junior Varsity” for their team type.