/  Year of Health and Safety

Year of Health and Safety

LifeSmarts announces 2017-18 as  the “Year of Health and Safety,” allowing the program to focus on health-related resources, learning activities, and special competitive opportunities, underwritten by a grant from Johnson & Johnson.

As part of the year-long emphasis on health and safety, LifeSmarts is unveiling a new community service opportunity for high school students – the LifeSmarts OTC Medicine Safety Mentoring Project. In this project LifeSmarts provides materials and curriculum, bolstered by educational resources produced by Scholastic, to enlist high school students to become mentors for middle school students to help them understand the wise use and safe storage of over-the- counter medicines.

“We are so excited to declare 2017-18 the ‘Year of Health and Safety,’” said national Program Director Lisa Hertzberg. “We know LifeSmarts gives students the skills they need to succeed as adults, and we see students applying what they learn immediately at home and in their communities. We are thrilled to give special focus this year to health and safety lessons and look forward to rolling out new resources for teachers and opportunities for student participants.”

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