Writing Team Plus Questions

Team-Plus questions are found at nearly every level of LifeSmarts competition, notably at state and national tournaments. Each Team-Plus set follows the same formula: one starter question, followed by two add-on questions related in topic to the first question.
Watch this video to see how a Team-Plus round is played in real time:


Hints for writing Team-Plus questions

– Use the Team-Plus Template when submitting Team-Plus questions.
– Follow the general guidelines for writing LifeSmarts questions. Remember: we’re looking for questions that a high school student can answer in less than ten seconds.
– The starter question should be straightforward and have a short answer. This does not mean it must be easy, but remember you want the players to have an opportunity to answer the add-on questions.
– Add-on questions should refer to the answer of the starter question in some way. Add-on questions allow players to provide deeper understanding of a topic.
– Question sets that are similar in topic will not be used at the same competition (though they can be used in future years, provided the information is still up-to-date). Team-plus sets that cover a variety of topics helps keep the competition fresh. You may search through the subtopics to find some inspiration.