Writing Multiple Choice Questions

Multiple-choice questions are an essential part of LifeSmarts competition: all of the online quizzes and TeamSmarts tests are entirely multiple-choice, and the opening rounds of some state junior varsity and varsity tournaments have multiple-choice rounds. Each multiple-choice question has four options (A, B, C, D) with only one correct answer.

Hints for writing multiple choice questions

– Use the Multiple Choice Template when submitting multiple-choice questions.
– Follow the general guidelines for writing LifeSmarts questions. Remember: while all answer choices should be plausible, only one should be correct.
– “Either/Or” and “True/False” are typically poor multiple-choice questions.
– Using “All of the above” as an answer choice is permitted, provided that “all of the above” is not always the correct answer.
– Questions that are similar in topic will not be used at the same competition (though they can be used in separate competitions and in future years, provided the information is still up-to-date). Questions that cover a variety of topics help keep the competition fresh. You may search through the subtopics to give some guidance.