Writing Lightning Rounds

Lightning rounds are relatively new to LifeSmarts, featured at state varsity and national tournaments. Each Lightning Round consists of ten short open-ended questions that are answered in a rapid fire session:
Click here to watch a Lightning Round played in real-time:


Hints for writing Lightning Rounds

– Use the Lightning Round Template when submitting Lightning Rounds.
– Follow the general guidelines for writing LifeSmarts questions. Remember: we’re looking for questions that high school students can answer in less than ten seconds.
– Lightning rounds should start with shorter answers (that can come from memory quickly) and may progress to more thought-provoking questions (provided they can still be answered quickly).
– Questions should be loosely connected to a similar topic, but may vary in difficulty. Examples of lightning round topics include:
“Renting An Apartment”
“Ecology Terms”
“Appropriate Food Serving Sizes”
“Shopping Skills”
“Financial Cybersecurity”.
You may search through the subtopics to help provide some guidance.