Western Union Pilot

LifeSmarts educates students with the skills to recognize and avoid fraud. Partnering with our sponsor, Western Union, LifeSmarts participants have the opportunity to help pilot a new project, LifeSmarts Fraud Prevention Ambassadorson fraud prevention for older adults. Students will apply their knowledge of critical fraud issues to educate the age 50+ population using a curriculum, developed using LifeSmarts and Western Union’ materials. This project will support Western Union’s vision and mission to reach specific vulnerable audiences with fraud prevention messages.
This project will launch later this year. Check back for updates. If you’re interested in participating in the pilot, contact Emily Stevenson (stevenson@elltel.net)  for assistance.

Pilot Components

The Fraud Prevention Ambassadors pilot will train students to educate older adults in their communities on the importance of identifying and recognizing common scams including fake check scams, charity scams, grandparent scams, and more. Students will use this knowledge to present older adults in their communities. Presentations may take place at schools, libraries, community centers, or other appropriate locations.

Presentation Reports

Submit your presentation reports using the form below. Do not use the form to upload multiple presentations. Complete the form for every presentation you wish to submit. Questions? Contact us for assistance.