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Each year, over 3,000 questions are used in LifeSmarts competitions; and while some of these questions are from previous years, many of them are brand new. These new questions keeps our content relevant to today’s teenage consumers, a project that’s vital in today’s constantly evolving marketplace. Contributing a few minutes of your time could make a difference in a young consumer’s life.


I’m ready to write LifeSmarts questions. How do I get started?
  1. Decide which type of questions you want to write, and download the corresponding template below.
  2. Review the categories/subtopics and the “Need to Know” list
  3. Review the basic guidelines to writing LifeSmarts questions
  4. Find the resource(s) you plan to cite your questions from
  5. Use the template (downloaded in Step 1) to write your question(s)
  6. When finished: “Save as” your completed template by adding “_CATEGORY_LASTNAME_MONTH.DAY” to the end of the document title.
  7. Upload completed templates to the “Upload Question Templates” form


Review the basic guidelines to writing LifeSmarts questions.

View the categories and subtopics used in LifeSmarts.


Learn more about preparing quality Multiple-Choice questions.

Learn more about preparing quality Team-Plus questions.

Learn more about preparing quality Lightning Round questions.


Use the Question Writing templates to submit your questions. You can download them here:

Open-Ended Template

Lightning Round Template

Team-Plus Template

Multiple Choice Template

EXAMPLE Completed Template


For more information about writing LifeSmarts questions, or if you’re interested in reviewing questions, please contact Lisa Hertzberg.