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Each year, over 3,000 questions are used in LifeSmarts competitions; and while some of these questions are from previous years, many of them are brand new. These new questions keeps our content relevant to today’s teenage consumers, a project that’s vital in today’s constantly evolving marketplace. Contributing a few minutes of your time could make a difference in a young consumer’s life.
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Review the basic guidelines to writing LifeSmarts questions.
View the categories and subtopics used in LifeSmarts.
Learn more about preparing quality Multiple-Choice questions.
Learn more about preparing quality Team-Plus questions.
Learn more about preparing quality Lightning Round questions.
Use the Question Writing templates to submit your questions. You can download them here:
Open-Ended Template
Lightning Round Template
Team-Plus Template
Multiple Choice Template
EXAMPLE Completed Template
For more information about writing LifeSmarts questions, or if you’re interested in reviewing questions, please contact Lisa Hertzberg.