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DSC_0142Educators use LifeSmarts resources in classes, community settings, and to help teams prepare for competition.

NEW! ConsumerMan Podcasts for LifeSmarts

Podcasts by ConsumerMan Herb Weisbaum feature a LifeSmarts topic each month.

Safety Smart

LifeSmarts is partnering with UL’s Safety Smart Ambassador program to help students fulfill community service and mentor children.

Consumer Action Handbook Scavenger Hunt

Students work their way the GSA’s Consumer Action Handbook, which covers a wide variety of consumer topics. You can order free paperback copies of the Handbook here.

Scavenger Hunt for Students     Scavenger Hunt Answer Blank     Scavenger Hunt Answer Key

Speed Dating the Experts

Working as a team, players spend a short amount of time (2 to 7 minutes) on various activities presented and scored by adult experts. Once time is up, teams must move to the next expert where another activity awaits.

LifeSmarts Quiz Calendars and Flashcards

Each school day features a question and answer. Also available in flashcard format, a convenient study tool.

Way or No Way? Powerpoint

What do you really know about how Americans save their money?

TeamSmarts Monthly Winners

Click here to see the top five teams for each month’s competition!

TeamSmarts Practice Quizzes

Retired monthly quizzes will be posted here for practice.

Word Wall Vocabulary

Print out these words and tape on your walls for a fun vocabulary assignment: available to print in portrait and landscape.

Personal Finance Glossary

A glossary focusing on investment, money management and marketplace terms.

Practice Competition Rounds

Practice with questions used last year in live competitions.

Tell Me the Question

“Jeopardy”-style games that encourage students to use their knowledge a little differently!

LifeSmarts Coaching Guides

Use these topic-focused newsletters to guide you through each month’s LifeSmarts topic area. Guides include objectives, a game plan, prep-work, a content vocabulary list, and more.

24 in 12 Coming Soon

Easy-to-use guide, especially for those new to LifeSmarts, allows you to easily complete 24 learning activities in 12 weeks.