2022 OTC Medicine Safety Scholarship application – draft

Win a $1,000 post-secondary scholarship

Five $1,000 scholarships will be awarded!
Students will:
  1. Create an infographic to educate older citizens about over-the-counter medicine safety.
  2. Distribute the infographic to their target market.  
  3. Write a blog post, consisting of a three paragraph essay (750 word maximum), about the experience.
  4. Complete the application below.
Blog post prompts:
  • Describe what you learned about OTC medicine safety by creating your infographic for the target audience. Detail how and where you shared your infographic. Quantify the impact that it made.
  • You may also write about personal growth, your depth of understanding, how you shared OTC safety messages with the intended audience, the impact your project had on your audience, what surprised you, and your ideas about your resource material.

Infographic rubric:

Refresh your understanding of infographics by viewing the rubric.

Project background:
LifeSmarts partners with Johnson & Johnson to educate consumers about the safe use of over-the-counter medicines. Winners may have their blogs published on the National Consumers League web site, the LifeSmarts site, and shared with Johnson & Johnson, the scholarship sponsor. Applications are due by midnight Eastern time June 15, 2021.
Ideas to help you think about this opportunity:
Right now COVID-19 restrictions make educating any group a challenge, so use creative thinking to reach your audience. You could contact a local senior housing project or assisted living facility program director. Infographics could be posted in senior facilities in common areas such as dining room tables, elevators, or hallways. To reinforce your message, you might provide the senior facility with trivia cards, quizzes, a word search or simple crossword that reinforces your infographic’s message. The goal is to educate and remind older consumers about OTC medicine safety.