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March 2018 e-news

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We need your help!

Help us tell the LifeSmarts story by sharing yours

We invite you to tell us about your LifeSmarts experience. We are curious what moments stay with you, what topics were the most impactful, and what your students have gained by competing in LifeSmarts. We will use your words to help tell the LifeSmarts story as we celebrate LifeSmarts at 25 next year! Coaches, please use this link to tell us more.

We want to hear from students as well! Encourage your students to use this link to tell us about their LifeSmarts experience.

Competition over? Other ways to win

Many state champions have already been crowned, and in two short weeks we will know all of the teams that will be competing for the National LifeSmarts Championship in San Diego this April! Even if your team is done competing this year, there are still ways for you to win with LifeSmarts:

— The LifeSmarts Team
LifeSmarts: Learn it. Live it.