Faces of LifeSmarts

Get to know LifeSmarts a little better — and see how the program has made a difference in the lives of both its youth and adult participants. Meet some of the “Faces of LifeSmarts.”

Kelsey Becker, LifeSmarts team captain and LifeSmarts Student of the Year.

Matthew Lamontagne, team captain and LifeSmarts Student of the Year

Jennifer Bearchell, long-time Arizona coach is 2015 Coach of the Year

Shelley Bernhardt, Western Union, LifeSmarts Advisory Board Member.

Lois Johnson, LifeSmarts coach and a LifeSmarts Coach of the Year.

Jim Rubasch, LifeSmarts coach and  a LifeSmarts Coach of the Year.

Anna Araujo Boys & Girls Club of East LA CPO, LifeSmarts ally.

Bonnie Baker LifeSmarts coach and a LifeSmarts Coach of the Year.

LifeSmarts Student Advisory Board

The LifeSmarts Student Advisory Board serves in an advisory capacity as the student voice of the LifeSmarts program. The Board is an opportunity for student leadership and action to promote the LifeSmarts Program. Six students and their adult coaches serve each year. Interested students may apply to join the Board in April. To learn more, click here.

LifeSmarts Advisory Board

The LifeSmarts Advisory Board is comprised of LifeSmarts alumni, corporate sponsors, educators, and community activists who support the broad consumer education mission of the LifeSmarts program. Board members provide program guidance and financial, in-kind, and volunteer support. To learn more, click here.