/  LifeSmarts Celebrates 25 Years

LifeSmarts Celebrates 25 Years

LifeSmarts is 25!

That means more than 1.5 million student participants have answered about 70 million consumer questions since LifeSmarts began in 1994! LifeSmarts is proud to have helped instill real-world consumer smarts in a generation of students.

We asked our coaches and students to help us tell the LifeSmarts story, and it has been heartwarming to hear how LifeSmarts has made a difference in so many lives! We couldn’t have said it better.

One student tells us what she’s gained from LifeSmarts:

“The LifeSmarts program is more than just a ‘quiz bowl type club.’ Not only does it provide opportunities for participants to learn, it establishes a good foundation for the next generation. For me, I have seen first hand how I, or anyone on my team, has more knowledge than others outside of this program. Concepts that should be common knowledge, that most people don’t know, is exactly what LifeSmarts teaches. I really enjoy feeling more prepared for growing up thanks to LifeSmarts.”

Help us Celebrate — We want to hear your LifeSmarts aha moment!

We invite you to tell us about your LifeSmarts experience. We are curious what moments have stayed with you, what topics were the most impactful, and what you have gained through LifeSmarts. We will use your words throughout the year to help tell our story as we celebrate LifeSmarts at 25!

Survey questions vary, so:

No one can tell the LifeSmarts story better than you! Thanks!