/  LifeSmarts Adventure: the new LifeSmarts app

LifeSmarts Adventure: the new LifeSmarts app

LifeSmarts Adventure, the new LifeSmarts app, provides a fun, new way for students to quiz themselves, compete, and win prizes — all on the go. Check it out!btns-lsadventure-m

“The app is an exciting extension of LifeSmarts,” said LifeSmarts Program Director Lisa Hertzberg. “Designed as a practice tool for students to quiz themselves and see how they measure up against others across the country, it is also a fun and accessible way for all consumers to test their consumer smarts.”

To play, students answer a series of LifeSmarts curriculum questions at each stop. The app tracks progress and leaderboards show top-scoring travelers. All users earn completion badges, and the top three participants earn trophies that stay with them on future LifeSmarts Adventures. New episodes will be released periodically throughout the LifeSmarts program year.

LifeSmarts Adventure is a web-based app that is best rendered on a mobile device using a browser with an Internet connection, but the app may also be viewed using a computer at ll_corp_h-rgblifesmartsadventure.org. The app was made possible by a partnership with LifeLock, Inc., a leading provider of proactive identity theft protection services.

The LifeSmarts Adventure app features:

  • Focus on LifeSmarts content
  • The ability for students to practice on their own mobile device
  • A leaderboard for competitors to see how their scores compare to their peers across the country
  • Opportunities for recognition, virtual completion badges and trophies, and prizes such as gift cards
  • Easy-to-use, attractive interface
  • Fun themes featuring a National Parks road trip, the LifeSmarts neighborhood, and more

Beta testers from the LifeSmarts Student Advisory Board enjoyed their sneak peek of LifeSmarts Adventure, saying they particularly liked the variety of questions, the content covered, the fun graphics, and the leaderboards.