LifeSmarts Adventure: the new LifeSmarts app

LifeSmarts Adventure, the LifeSmarts app, provides a fun, new way for students to quiz themselves and compete – all on the go. Check it out!btns-lsadventure-m
“The app is an exciting extension of LifeSmarts,” said LifeSmarts Program Director Lisa Hertzberg. “Designed as a practice tool for students to quiz themselves.  It is also a fun and accessible way for all consumers to test their consumer smarts.”
To play, students answer a series of LifeSmarts curriculum questions at each stop. All users earn virtual completion badges. New episodes will be released as soon as possible.
LifeSmarts Adventure is a web-based app that is best rendered on a mobile device using a browser with an Internet connection, but the app may also be viewed using a computer at
The LifeSmarts Adventure app features:

  • Focus on LifeSmarts content
  • The ability for students to practice on their own mobile device
  • Opportunities for recognition with virtual completion badges
  • Easy-to-use, attractive interface
  • Fun themes featuring a National Parks road trip, LifeSmarts summer camp, and more to come!