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Hands-on Privacy

In collaboration with the Identity Theft Resource Center (ITRC), LifeSmarts is excited to offer the Hands-on Privacy workshop and scholarship opportunity to LifeSmarts students and coaches.

ITRC’s mission to educate consumers to minimize risk and mitigate the impact of identity theft fits well with the LifeSmarts goal to educate students to be smart consumers of social media and active in protecting their privacy. To help LifeSmarts students and coaches understand how best to protect themselves, ITRC is providing its Hands-on Privacy workshop to LifeSmarts participants and a $2,000 post-secondary scholarship to the student who writes the winning essay about privacy.

The Hands-on Privacy PowerPoint is intended for educators to use in classroom, group, and team settings. The train-the-trainers webinar is a great way to familiarize yourself with the presentation.

Students who have received the presentation are eligible to apply for a $2,000 privacy scholarship thanks to ITRC and its sponsor Synchrony. In addition, five runners-up will receive $100 gift cards.

Here are the steps to use Hands-on Privacy with your class, group, or LifeSmarts team, making your students eligible to apply for the privacy scholarship:

  1. Students take the Hands-on Privacy pre-quiz (found in students’ competition portal, under “TeamSmarts” quizzes) 
  2. Educator delivers the Hands-on Privacy PowerPoint presentation
  3. Students take the Hands-on Privacy post-quiz (found in students’ competition portal, under “TeamSmarts” quizzes)
  4. Students may apply for the privacy scholarship
    • Write an essay of no more than 500 words that answers this question: “You’ve likely been online for a large portion of your life already, and information about you is in lots of places. If that data gets stolen in a breach, what do you think the impact would be on your privacy now and in the future?”
    • The student writing the winning essay will win a $2,000 post-secondary scholarship from ITRC. Five additional students will win Honorable Mentions and receive $100 gift cards.

An independent panel of judges will evaluate essays using the following criteria:

  • inclusion of personal experiences and/or examples, especially those that informed a student’s views about data breaches and privacy (15 points)
  • readability and clarity (5 points)
  • spelling and grammar (5 points)

Complete the pre-quiz, attend a presentation, take the post-quiz, and submit your essay by March 31, 2020.
The winning student and honorable mentions will be announced at the National LifeSmarts Championship. If the winning student is attending Nationals, they will be asked to read their essay during the lunch on Sunday, April 26.

More information
Visit: https://idtheft.center/LifeSmarts