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How are scores calculated?

In the online competition players receive a score for each 20-question quiz they complete. Each student must complete all five category quizzes plus the capstone quiz to achieve a cumulative score. To qualify for your state competition, your team must have one of the highest composite scores. If you have at least four players who complete all quizzes, and you are a top-scoring team within your state, you will be eligible to create a team to compete at an in-person competition.
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Can a coach have multiple teams?

Coaches may sign up as many online teams as they wish. However, state coordinators may limit the number of teams that can advance per coach or per school.

Remember: if you sign up just four players as a team, all four players must complete each level of the competition in order to have a chance to compete at the next level.

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What is LifeSmarts U?

LifeSmarts U is the LifeSmarts virtual classroom. For students it is like study hall, and coaches use it to find complete lessons and group study materials.

More informaton is available here.

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