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Where are the official quizzes located that affect our team and individual scores?

Varsity and JV players will find the quizzes under the Competitions tab of the Player’s Corner once they login. Players first complete the pre-quiz which unlocks the five category quizzes. Once the five category quizzes are completed the Capstone quiz becomes available. Players must complete all seven quizzes to be eligible to compete at the next level (the category and Capstone quizzes make up the player’s final score). Coaches do not see competition quizzes, but they can track student scores.

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I registered last year. Do I need to register again?

No. Registrations carry over for both coaches and students. If you cannot remember your password, click on “log in” and use the “Lost your password” feature to re-set it. If you cannot remember your username, contact LifeSmarts staff. If your email (or other information) has changed, login and click on “Profile” to update your information.

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What does it cost to participate?

There is no registration fee to participate at any level of the LifeSmarts program, and all of our educational resources are provided free of charge.

Teams advancing to in-person competitions may be required to cover personal expenses such as meals, lodging, or transportation. Please ask your state coordinator for more information.

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How many students make up a team?

This depends on the type of team you wish to create:

FBLA teams: exactly 2 (1 captain + 1 player)

FCCLA teams: exactly 5 (1 captain + 4 players)

Varsity and JV teams: at least 4 (1 captain + at least 3 more players), but there is no maximum number of players. For in-person Varsity and JV competitions, teams are made up of 4 students and are allowed 1 alternate player.

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