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Fraud Ambassadors

LifeSmarts enlists participants to fight fraud

LifeSmarts is excited to engage its students as Fraud Ambassadors to educate older members of their communities about fraud.

Teams attending the 2019 National LifeSmarts Championship had the opportunity to pilot this project and they gave us great feedback. And the number one comment we heard was how much they enjoyed meeting with older community members to deliver the presentation. We encourage all LifeSmarts students to make a difference by sharing their knowledge to help prevent fraud.

Materials to use in your presentations:
The students who helped pilot the materials gave us these additional tips:
  • Discuss stories in the media
  • Talk about stories from the presentation, but don’t ask audience members for personal stories
  • Practice the presentation so you don’t just read the slides
  • Remember that the audience enjoys engaging with you!

Use this form to submit a presentation report to LifeSmarts each time you make a presentation.

NCL thanks Western Union for sponsoring this educational project.