FCCLA/LifeSmarts Knowledge Bowl

Knowledge Bowl

FCCLA teams are encouraged to compete in the FCCLA/ LifeSmarts Knowledge Bowl and the Varsity LifeSmarts competition

The FCCLA/LifeSmarts Knowledge Bowl begins with Round 1 – FCCLA TeamSmarts quiz followed by Round 2 – Team Interviews. The top sixteen (16) scoring teams are invited to compete at the FCCLA National Leadership Conference.

Round 1 – September 15 – October 15, 2021
All teams must be registered at www.LifeSmarts.org and take the FCCLA TeamSmarts quiz by October 15. All team members are expected to work together to take the TeamSmarts Quiz. If less than five members take the TeamSmarts Quiz, the team is ineligible to continue in competition. The TeamSmarts Quiz consists of 100 questions from the following content areas:

1. Personal Finance FCCLA/LifeSmarts
2. Consumer Rights & Responsibilities (to include Family, Career & Community Studies)
3. Technology (to include Fashion & Housing Design)
4. Health & Safety (to include Food Science & Nutrition and Early Childhood & Human Development)
5. Environment (to include Hospitality, Tourism & Recreation)

Steps to register for Round 1:

  1. The chapter adviser registers online as a coach.
  2. The adviser creates teams. (Names should include the school and students’ names.) Choose “FCCLA” as your team type.
  3. Students register and join their team. (Students may join one FCCLA  team AND one Varsity team.)
  4. The adviser selects a captain for the team.
  5. Students use practice quizzes and other online resources.
  6. Teams may take the FCCLA TeamSmarts Quiz at any time during the testing windows but must complete the test before midnight EST on the final day.
  7. The TeamSmarts quiz is only available through the team captain’s login.
  8. Students work as a team on the 100-question quiz across all topics, including Family & Consumer Science curricula and LifeSmarts topics.
  9. When the Online Test window is complete, FCCLA will notify advisers of the teams advancing. The scores from the TeamSmarts round will be used to determine the top forty (40) teams to compete in the next round of the competition – Team Interviews.

Round 2 – Team Interviews – November 15 – 17, 2021
The top forty (40) teams with the highest TeamSmarts scores will move on to the next round of the competition – the Team Interviews. There is a one-time registration fee of $100 per team for the Team Interview phase of the competition. Team Interviews will determine the top sixteen (16) teams that qualify to compete at the National Leadership Conference.

Check out the retired Team Interview Round from 2020

Live video conferencing interviews will be held with each of the top (forty) 40 teams. The Team Interview Round consists of two parts—Individual Questions as well as Team Questions. Four (4) short-answer (fact) questions and one (1) multiple choice question from each of the same five content areas (listed above) will be asked. Participants will sit in order, based upon their individual topic category. Only the team member representing a specific category is eligible to answer their five questions. No other team members may answer or assist.

During the Team Questions part of the Team Interview, questions are open-ended and randomly assorted. Of the 16 Team questions, there are guaranteed to be 3 questions from Categories 1-5 and 1 question from Category 6, FCCLA Knowledge. Anyone may answer a Team question, unless someone from that team has already given an incorrect response. If a participant gives an incorrect answer, the question is no longer active and the correct answer will be read.

Once all Team Interviews have finished, each team will have the following scores added together to form their final Cumulative Score: TeamSmarts Quiz and Team Interview points. The top sixteen (16) scoring teams will qualify to compete at the National Leadership Conference Championship, where live pool-play matches will occur. These matches will take place in either a virtual or an in-person competition format.

TIES: The tiebreaker will go to the team with the highest level TeamSmarts score and the lowest time.

The sixteen advancing teams will compete at the following National Leadership Conference. The teams who did not advance will be ranked, based on Cumulative Scores, as alternates.

Online Testing for National Leadership Conference Qualifiers

All sixteen advancing teams and the top two (2) alternate National Qualifying teams will take the National TeamSmarts quiz in the Spring (March 1-31), similar in format to the TeamSmarts quiz teams took in the fall, but with new questions. Teams will not have to re-register. The “FCCLA TeamSmarts Quiz” will automatically appear in the team captain’s page. This will be the teams’ first event in the National Leadership Conference competition.

Championship at National Leadership Conference – June 29 – July 3, 2022

Sixteen teams will qualify for the National Championship. Final National Leadership Conference alternates will be selected based upon scores from completion of the March TeamSmarts quiz. Teams must confirm National Championship participation by April 1. Alternates will be notified of available openings, should they become available.

For details on Orientation and Pool Play, Knockout Bracket, Buzzer Rounds Rules of Play, General Rules and Knowledge Bowl Overview, please click here or visit the FCCLA Adviser Portal and Student Portal. For additional FCCLA-specific details, please consult the FCCLA website.

Click here to view the final match of the 2016 FCCLA/LifeSmarts Knowledge Bowl.

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Please contact us with any additional questions. Good luck!