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FCCLA/LifeSmarts Knowledge Bowl

Knowledge Bowl

FCCLA teams are encouraged to compete in Knowledge Bowl and the Varsity LifeSmarts competition

The FCCLA/LifeSmarts Knowledge Bowl begins with the online Challenge and in-person qualification at the National Fall Conference. The 16 top-scoring teams are invited to compete at the FCCLA National Leadership Conference.

Advisers must register as a coach at lifesmarts.org and create a team on the website, and must also register their Knowledge Bowl team when registering their chapter for National Fall Conference.

  • Both registrations (for FCCLA National Fall Conference and online at lifesmarts.org) must be completed by the registration deadline for National Fall Conference.
  • Once the coach has registered the team at lifesmarts.org, players must register and join the team. We encourage players to use all the various resources to prepare for competition, including the practice quizzes and the Online Qualifying Quizzes.
  • Once the players have registered, the coach must designate one player the Team Captain. The Team Captain will receive all the team’s Online Tests, including the FCCLA TeamSmarts test in September and the National TeamSmarts test in March.

There are three levels of competition in the Knowledge Bowl:

  1. (September-November): Teams register online, take the FCCLA TeamSmarts test(available in the Team Captain’s Quizzes folder) and compete at National Fall Conference.
  2. (January): National TeamSmarts test  (available under the Team Captain’s “My Competitions”). The top 16 teams that qualified at the National Fall Conference take this for their first score in the National FCCLA/ LifeSmarts Knowledge Bowl.
  3. (June-July): Teams advance to the National Leadership Conference. After pool play, teams advance to a knockout bracket to determine the National Champions.

Steps to register and compete in the online Challenge:

  1. The chapter adviser registers online as a coach.
  2. The adviser creates teams. (Names should include the school and students’ names.) Choose “FCCLA” as your team type.
  3. Students register and join their team. (Students may join one Varsity team AND one FCCLA team.)
  4. The adviser selects a captain for the team.
  5. Students use practice quizzes and other online resources.
  6. Teams may take the Online Test any time during the testing windows, but must complete the test before midnight EST on the final day.
  7. Students work as a team on a 100-question quiz across all topics, including Family & Consumer Science curricula and LifeSmarts topics.
  8. When the Online Test window is complete, FCCLA will notify advisers of the teams advancing.

Notes about the FCCLA LifeSmarts Competitive Event:

  • Each chapter may only have one FCCLA team; however, an adviser may create as many Varsity teams as he or she wishes.
  • Regardless of results at the National Fall Conference, we encourage chapters to take the National TeamSmarts test in March.
  • Only the first 40 teams to register for National Fall Conference will be eligible to compete in the first in-person event (the Quiz Bee). The top 24 teams will advance to the second day of competition (the buzzer matches).
  • The Fall FCCLA TeamSmarts test will be available to teams September 19-October 31, 2019. The National TeamSmarts LifeSmarts Test will be available March 1-31, 2020.

For additional FCCLA-specific details, please consult the FCCLA website.

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Please contact us with any additional questions. Good luck!