FBLA Chapters Compete in LifeSmarts

FBLA chapters compete in LifeSmarts and specific FBLA competitions!

Compete at the State Level
FBLA chapters may form Varsity LifeSmarts teams of 4-5 students to compete online and in-person through their state LifeSmarts program with the opportunity to advance to LifeSmarts state and national competitions.  If your team wins at the state level, you will be invited to represent the state at the National LifeSmarts Championship. Click here for state dates and more information about your state program.

Represent FBLA at the National LifeSmarts Championship   
At least one FBLA team will be invited to the National LifeSmarts Championship. Interested FBLA teams of 4-5 students, working with an adult adviser or coach, must complete the Wild Card process. The winning team will receive at least $1,000 in travel stipends to attend the National LifeSmarts Championship in April. You will compete at least eight times against teams from across the country.

LifeSmarts FBLA Monthly TeamSmarts Chapter Awards
From September through January, your team may compete against other FBLA chapters in the monthly TeamSmarts quiz. Each month the top-scoring FBLA team will receive a $100 cash prize. Click here to learn more about TeamSmarts.

  • Teams are eligible to win one (1) TeamSmarts Award per program year.
  • To compete for the FBLA TeamSmarts award, coaches must select “FBLA” for their team type.

Notes about Competing in LifeSmarts:
The opportunities on this page are separate from the LifeSmarts FBLA Challenge. For that competitive event, teams of two students compete for the opportunity to compete in live, virtual competitions in May. Click here to learn more about the LifeSmarts FBLA Challenge.
Click here to learn more about all of the opportunities for FBLA chapters.