/  Qualification Quizzes: January to May

Qualification Quizzes: January to May

TeamSmarts is also used for a variety of qualification quizzes across the country. Most are only open for a short window such as two weeks or less.

STATE QUALIFIER: some states use scores from a special TeamSmarts test to determine which teams advance to the state tournament, others may use it as part of a cumulative scoring system. Some states may not use it at all. Your state coordinator will notify you after the online competition has closed if your state will use TeamSmarts.

STATE TOURNAMENT: in states where there is no coordinator (or the coordinator does not hold an in-person event), a special TeamSmarts test may be used to determine the state LifeSmarts champion. These quizzes will occur after the online competition window has closed. Coaches will be notified at that time by the national LifeSmarts staff if a TeamSmarts test will serve as the state tournament.

 WILD CARD TEAMS AT NATIONALS: Five wild-card spots are reserved for teams that did not compete at Nationals the year before. Teams must complete one special TeamSmarts quiz as part of their application.

FIRST EVENT OF NATIONALS: The state champions and Wild Card teams may take another 100-question TeamSmarts quiz as part of the National Championship.

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