LifeSmarts Quiz Calendar and Flashcards

Download the monthly LifeSmarts quiz calendar with one practice question per school day.
August 2013: All Topics   *   August Answers
September 2013: Health and Safety   *   September Answers
October 2013: Personal Finance   *   October Answers
November 2013: Consumer Rights and Responsibilities   *   November Answers
December 2013: Technology   *   December Answers
January 2014: Environment   *   January Answers
February 2014: All Topics   *   February Answers
March 2014: All Topics   *   March Answers
April 2014: All Topics   *   April Answers
May 2014: All Topics   *   May Answers
Daily Calendar Printable Flashcards

Download Daily Calendar questions in flashcard format! Questions are arranged by topic, so, for example, you’ll find all personal finance questions for the 2013-14 program year together in the Personal Finance flashcard file.
Print flashcards as double-sided, and they will line up on the front and back. Cards are numbered for your convenience.
Consumer Rights and Responsibilities
Health and Safety
Personal Finance