National LifeSmarts Championship 2023 Team Information Center

The National Consumers League LifeSmarts Program is excited to have your team competing in the 29th National LifeSmarts Championship

This page will provide updates for teams. Check back often for updates.

Click here for the Registration form and team agreement for 2023 Teams

Click here for the State Champion Coach Memo

Click here for the competition rules for the 2023 LifeSmarts National
Championship (included in Coach memo)
School Excuse Letter Template

Tentative Agenda – included in State Champion Coach Memo

Cincinnati hype vidoe

Parking Map for teams who are driving to the National LifeSmarts Championship

Example of Team Roll Call Reel – Due March 31st!
Pointers: Give 1 second before and after speaking at the beginning and end of the video to allow for the cross fade. Speak loud if outdoors, or try to film indoors. Do NOT  add or use background music.  Make it fun/unique/creative to your team! UPLOAD YOUR ROLL CALL REEL HERE

Cincinnati Communicator

This Weekly National LifeSmarts Championship newsletter filled with highlights and reminders begins publication eight weeks prior to National LifeSmarts Championship.

Leaks of the Week

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Announcing the 2023 Team T-Shirt Contest


Additional Team Information

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Press Release for your use!

NEW!  National LifeSmarts Championship Certificate for Team Members

Wild Card team? Find the Be Smart About What You Share pilot here