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LifeSmarts Study Session: TeamSmarts Topics in Review

Over the past few months, LifeSmarts teams competed for the TeamSmarts title across our five categories as they expanded their consumer knowledge on topics ranging from environmental laws to technology scams. As we get ready for Nationals in April, let’s take a look back on some of the important content we covered in TeamSmarts this year:

September: Health & Safety Last autumn, we kicked off the Year of Health and Safety at LifeSmarts with new healthcare materials to educate young students  to make responsible decisions when taking OTC medicine. Did you know? Taking too much of the same active ingredient in a medicine can lead to harmful consequences. Studying the Drug Facts Label and educating yourself about proper dosing measurements are crucial in understanding how to administer medication safety.  To further promote the message of OTC medicine safety and awareness, we launched the LifeSmarts OTC Medicine Safety Mentoring Project, in partnership with Johnson & Johnson. Review our Health & Safety calendar and quizzes to test your knowledge on OTC medicine safety and the Drug Facts Label.

Health & Safety Resources

October: Personal Finance. This month, we discussed key financial terms like “credit line”, “payday loan”, and “credit invisible” to educate about the importance of maintaining good financial health. While it may be tempting to use a credit card or spend your paycheck before paying bills, be careful not to fall into a debt trap. Making smart decisions about how you spend money today can have a big impact on your future when you purchase a house or take out a  loan. Creditors and lenders look at your spending habits to determine if you are responsible with money. Study our Personal Finance vocabulary cards for Weeks 6-9 to learn how to take care of your finances:

Personal Finance Weekly Vocabulary

November: Consumer Rights and Responsibilities. There are many federal laws designed to protect certain groups from being harmed by businesses or organizations.  This month, our topic vocabulary covered educational and civil laws like IDEA, the federal education act  for students with disabilities, and the Fair Housing Act, which protects consumers from housing discrimination. Practice using our vocabulary quizzes for weeks 10-13 to brush up on more consumer laws and regulations:

Consumer Rights and Responsibilities Vocabulary Quizzes

December: Technology. Most people spend so much time on their smartphones without considering the implications of sharing private details online. Hackers can easily gain control of devices by sending fraudulent e-mails to steal sensitive personal information. Practice good online etiquette by remembering that anything you post could remain on the web forever. Safeguard your data and study these top technology resources:

Technology Weekly Quizzes

January: Environment Go green! Climate change is one of the biggest threats to human and ecological survival. The more waste and pollution we create, the harder it will be for the environment to recover. Making simple changes to your daily routine such as lowering the thermostat or ditching plastic water bottles can have a positive impact on protecting the planet. Review January calendar for environment questions and take the weekly environment vocabulary quizzes to learn how to reduce your carbon footprint, lessen food waste, and much more!

Environment Resources


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