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An Abundance of Good to Celebrate

December is such a busy time of year – with various holidays approaching, traditions to celebrate, gatherings near and far, and year-end events to plan. With this hectic fever infecting us, it sometimes helps to simply stop and breathe. As we stop and reflect, there is so much to be thankful for, and to celebrate, as we close out the 2017 LifeSmarts year.

  • More than 40,000 registered students are competing online, and thousands more are benefiting from LifeSmarts materials in classroom and club settings to learn about everything from medicine safety to food waste, from online safety to saving and investing.
  • Competition continues to provide a fun hook to engage students in learning that will last a lifetime. And winning prizes and gaining recognition is a lot of fun, too!
  • LifeSmarts knowledge makes a difference. As one student told us, “LifeSmarts is the best opportunity for improvement I have ever seen. If I could go back, I would do even more. The program is one of a kind and cannot be beat.” Another student said, “I am proud to be LifeSmart.”
  • LifeSmarts gives students an edge. As one coach said, “My students have knowledge that their peers do not have; they are excited about learning and competing.”
  • Community service opportunities abound, and it’s wonderful to see students using the Safety Smart and OTC Medicine Safety Mentoring Project to make a difference in their communities!
  • Strong partnerships enhance LifeSmarts, provide opportunities for growth, and allow us to see LifeSmarts through a different lens. Thanks to FBLA and FCCLA, our wonderful state coordinators, and all the sponsors who help keep LifeSmarts going strong.
  • The 25th program anniversary is quickly coming at us, and will be celebrated throughout the 2018-19 year. Stay tuned!

Happy New Year!

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