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LifeSmarts edition of Financial Football: a great new practice tool

We are kicking off the new LifeSmarts edition of Visa’s Financial Football! Our friends at Visa developed this fun new practice tool for LifeSmarts classes and teams. State Champion teams at this year’s National LifeSmarts Championship got a sneak peek and had a lot of fun playing the game with Visa’s Hugh Norton calling the play-by-play.

Play at school or at home, by yourself or with a team. You choose the level of difficulty (Rookie, Pro, Hall of Fame), how long you want to play (quarter, half, full game), and your NFL team. By correctly answering when you’re on offense you move the ball down the field to score. Answer well on defense to cause a loss of yardage or even sack the opposing quarterback. Every play you choose the question difficulty – correctly answering a harder question leads to a more spectacular play.

In this special edition of Financial Football all of the questions are provided by LifeSmarts. In a 5-minute quarter you might answer questions about life insurance, composting, vaccines, investing, sunscreen, and computer speed. One thousand LifeSmarts questions are dedicated to this game, so you can play often and be continually challenged.

Check it out! This is a great tool for teachers as the school year is winding down, and for students to use on their own over the summer.

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