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The ones who said it best: the 2017 Essay Contest winners

This spring, we asked you to share your LifeSmarts story and how you “learn it. live it.” every day, in our LifeSmarts Essay Contest. And what you wrote was genuinely touching. Here are a few quotes from our three winners:

First Place: Alyssa S., Connecticut

LifeSmarts has changed my life for the better in many ways. I have formed bonds with my teammates that I believe will last for years to come, just like the information I’ve learned. When I go to college next year, I expect to be well ahead of the curve thanks to the knowledge I’ve received. Before LifeSmarts, I had never been on a plane or been in another state without my parents. I now look forward to studying abroad in college, and this is largely due to the wonderful experiences I’ve had traveling with LifeSmarts.

Second Place: Helen P., Georgia

Attending practice sessions with my team allowed us to collaborate and share knowledge, improved our team spirit and taught the importance of working together. We each developed strengths in particular subjects, but we also learned much outside of our specialized categories. Developing the skills to work together was essential for LifeSmarts competitions, and in doing so, we developed experience with cooperating as a team and sharing what we know, which is indispensable for situations in life.

Third Place: Kerstin P., Missouri

I learned a great deal from becoming a Safety Smarts Ambassador. First and foremost, I learned how to handle kids in a classroom. This is something I had never really done before. To be in charge of a group of students really puts your leadership skills to the test. You have to establish your goals and expectations, and occasionally get their attention quickly to settle them down. You also have to do a lot of planning and adapting to your audience. Best of all, you get to see the impact you have on the kids and the world. You get to see how valuable your work is. Being a Safety Smarts Ambassador has been a wonderful journey.


We’re also awarding an honorable mention to Justin C. from Missouri, whose infectious enthusiasm for the program made all of our judges take notice.

Inspiration from students like you encourages us to make LifeSmarts better every year. From everyone at LifeSmarts, thank you!

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